About Us

1. Background


Geris shpk. company, has its beginnings in 1994 as a small family business with a focus on trading and selling various items wholesale and retail. Over the years, desire, continuous dedication and ambition brought the development of the company by starting the import and distribution of international brands in Albania. The purpose of this development was clear: Added value to local consumers. Over the years, Geris shpk. has become the official distributor of some of the world's largest consumer products brands for the territory of Albania.


It was 2013, when after increased market demand, the company took the most important step in its history by investing in a giant and modern factory for processing cellulose and producing its products - becoming the first company of its kind in Albania.


Our mission is to provide excellent products to our customers, to be constantly inspired by them - to create, produce and provide products and services with maximum quality and the best price for a simple and safe life.

Our Values: • Passion • Ambition • Reliability • Cooperation • Enthusiasm